Technology Access Plan (TAP)

Innopharma Technology offers access to its technologies on a rental basis in addition to the more traditional purchase option. 

This allows deeper, longer term process specific evaluation of the technology where required and allows faster access to implementation where capex cycles may not be aligned with project needs.

Package may include the following options

  • PAT Sensor (Eyecon2 or Multieye2)
  • Control, Acquisition and Reporting Software
  • ‘standard’ Interface with process equipment e.g. Glatt GPCG30/300, Thermo Pharma 11
  • smartFBx labscale Advanced Development and Manufacturing Platform
  • Training and Installation
  • Settings Optimisation for initial process
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Buy out option at the end of the agreement for a pre-agreed price

Options (and or chargeable)

  • IOQ where required
  • Bespoke interface with process equipment, e.g. mill, RC
  • Equipment modifications or new equipment parts where required
  • Travel & Accommodation

Please contact Innopharma Technology for more details and to discuss your particular requirements.