Quanta NIR software for control, modelling and real time processing of NIR data


Quanta Software Package

• Integrated, Real-time Chemometrics for Monitoring
• Automatic White Referencing
• Offline, At-line and In-line Real Time Spectral Analysis
• Critical Quality Attributes

Powerful, Simple User Interface

• Simple Calibration Using Reference Standards
• Per-channel Referencing and Chemometric Modelling
• Simplified and Advanced Interfaces

Quanta Model Developer

• Step-by-step, Guided Development of Chemometric Models
• Minimises Requirement for Expertise in Chemometrics, Spectral Analysis or Statistical Programming Languages

Simplified Chemometrics

• Apply a Range of Spectral Pre-treatments to get Best Fit
• Apply Smoothing, Averaging and Filters Easily
• Visually Assess Accuracy of Models Generated