Multieye₂ is a multipoint Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrometer designed for real-time in-line process monitoring. A single sensor with up to four discrete channels allows measurements from four probes located within a process eliminating any complex time consuming aligning procedures and channel-to-channel variation commonly found with multiple single point systems. Multieye₂ is the ideal tool for use in Advanced Development and Manufacturing to aid rapid identification, monitoring and control of Critical Quality Attributes and Critical Process Parameters as part of a Process Control Strategy.


  • Real-time Data Processing and Display
  • Automated White/Dark Referencing
  • Chemometrics Package Included
  • Ready for Intelligent Manufacturing Applications
  • Text File Data Exchange with Chemometric/MVA Packages, PAT and Control System tools
  • Up to 4 Measurement Points in Parallel
  • In-line and At-line Configuration

Quanta™ software for spectral acquisition, model building and real-time model display.