Eyepass™ analysis software is the new operating system for both, Eyecon and Eyecon2 process analytical technologies.

Eyepass provides a number of integration interfaces to allow users to conform to ISA-S88 batch process control and ISA-S95 automated interface standards that facilitate reading data output and controlling Eyecon™ and Eyecon2™.

Key features:

  • Calculation of D-Values (D10, D25, D50, D75, D90, Mean, Median), Particle Size Distribution(PSD), lllAverage Aspect ratio.
  • Storage of Images files of particles (JPG)
  • Historical Data review-see particle size profile of previous batches
  • User configurable reports
  • Report generation including PDF session report, CSV file
  • Comprehensive User Account Management including user groups and access privileges
  • Alarm settings to notify deviation from action/control limits

Integration Supports for:

  • OPC  (UA/DA)
  • File polling
  • Web Service RESTful API         

Eyepass software controls allow users to conform to FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements. It was developed by Innopharma Technology using GAMP 5 principles.