Eyecon2™ particle analyser, for the analysis and profiling of powders and bulk solids, is a new generation non-product contact, direct imaging system that generates real-time on-screen images, particle size and shape information.

Eyecon2 can be used both in-line and at-line for batch and continuous processes. Used inline the Eyecon provides real-time particle size and shape information essential for process understanding and control. Eyecon2 has demonstrated its utility in many processes by providing Real Time PSD data for a deeper understanding of the impact of changes in process parameters or variation in raw materials can have on product quality and manufacturability.


  • Fluidised Bed Coating (e.g. Wurster)
  • Fluidised Bed Granulation/Drying
  • Twin Screw Granulation
  • Dry Granulation/Roller Compaction
  • Extrusion
  • Spheronisation
  • Milling
  • Blending

Used in-line for real-time monitoring, Eyecon2 enables better process understanding, faster development, more robust & reliable processes with fewer OOS batches and investigations. Improved control of the process with Eyecon2 enables increased productivity and reduced cycle time and cost.

Eyecon2 can be installed in-line on many types of process equipment. We provide process suitability assessment and a high level of implementation support for successful integration on equipment such as granulators, mills, spheronisers from major process equipment manufacturers. Our support includes all steps from application consultation, design and manufacturing of hardware interface and data integration, training and qualification where required.

Eyecon2 can be used throughout the product manufacturing lifecycle:

  • Research & Development (QbD/DoE/CPP/CQA)
  • Scale up
  • Tech Transfer
  • Manufacturing