Critical Attribute Measurement for Automation

Innopharma Technology is already working on Industry 4.0 projects to implement PAT sensors for measurement of critical process attributes such as particle size, moisture, density, and composition as part of manufacturing automation initiatives. Typically, the project includes a phase of application technical feasibility to consider how to optimally interface PAT sensor and process equipment hardware. Other considerations include how to integrate the data generated to existing process analytics and process control systems (e.g. PLC, DCS, SCADA etc.) for display for monitoring purposes or how to incorporate into process logic for automated control.

Innopharma Technology can support project technical evaluation with feasibility advise, hardware interface design, software system integration planning and support, rental of sensors for technical evaluation and full implementation of sensors including installation and training.

Projects examples for critical process attributes include:

  • Measurement of PSD of granules on conveyor systems
  • PSD/Moisture on an industrial granulation process
  • NIR for envelope density on a chemical granule production process
  • Coating thickness on an industrial fluid bed coating process
  • Moisture and size on continuous fluid bed dryer

Please contact us for further details for an initial discussion about your project.