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Solving Spheronisation Issues

Spheronisation is an important process within the pharmaceutical industry, allowing for greater release control than tablets, and the combination of chemically incompatible ingredients in a single capsule. Control of these processes has traditionally been done using slow offline methods, however, leading to significant waste when processes deviate from specifications.

Innopharma Technology Eyecon™ Particle Characteriser is unique in that its non-product contact design allows for the measurement of spheroids inline, without the need for drying. The system can be integrated to the output of most spheronisers with little or no modification. Both the size and shape of particles are measured, enabling the Eyecon to detect deviations in a range of product quality attributes.

Inline measurement of a spheronisation process with Eyecon provides real, tangible benefits. The real-time data ensures that process deviations are detected and corrected quickly. Material wastage is significantly decreased as compared to processes where spheroids are tested offline.

To see how Alkermes were able to increase yields and reduce cycle time through the utilisation of Eyecon with their spheronisation process download the application note below.