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Solving Fluid Bed Granulation Problems

As widely used as the process of fluid bed granulation is, the adoption of process analytical technologies to monitor and control it is still a contentious point for most companies.

The Eyecon™ Particle Characteriser can be integrated onto most fluid bed granulators with no modification of the equipment, by mounting it outside a pre-existing window. Measuring within the bed aids in obtaining a representative sample, while the bed’s movement is enough in most cases to avoid window fouling. In more fouling-prone integrations window cleaning solutions can be installed also.

The ability to directly monitor the granulate growth during binder addition and subsequent size reduction as a result of the drying process is key for control and optimisation of critical process parameters such as binder addition rate, process length, drying time and the end point granulate size.

The PDF application note below, developed with our fluid bed granulation partner GLATT GmbH, gives more information on Eyecon use in fluid bed drying.