• Benchtop - Particle Size Analysis Application
  • Eyecon Benchtop Particle Size Analysis


Whether testing material in a laboratory environment or at line, the Eyecon2™  in its benchtop configuration allows for fast, repeatable and accurate particle size analysis. The ability to test samples at line with real-time results removes the need to wait hours or days for results from the lab, allowing for faster decision making and shorter cycle times. Sample preparation is quick and simple allowing for a high throughput of material.

The Eyecon2's small size and light-weight design give it unparalleled portability for a particle characteriser. The unit can be trolley-mounted or indeed carried from place to place within a manufacturing facility to provide almost-immediate at-line data as needed.

The benchtop stage has a number of positions that the sample may be moved through in order to measure the full sample area without repetition of any measurement positions.

The compact form factor and simple operation of the stage ensures that the Eyecon2 retains all functionality while being highly portable. The Eyecon2 software has a specific measurement mode for benchtop analysis that utilises optimised parameters to allow for accuracy, ideal sample identification and consistency of analysis. As a method of at-line measurement, the Eyecon2 provides a portable, real-time and intuitive solution.