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Analysis and Monitoring of Coffee Blend Particle Size Distribution

One application of the Eyecon™ Particle Characteriser is the measurement of the particle size distributions (PSDs) of coffee blends. The size of coffee particles within a blend has an effect on the brewing time, the intensity of the coffee and also on the taste of the brewed coffee. For this reason, PSD is regarded as a critical quality attribute. During these experiments, it was demonstrated that the Eyecon has the ability to measure the particle size distributions of a number of coffee blends with material presented dynamically. Therefore the  Eyecon can  be considered  as a  means of  in-process control  for the production of coffee by measuring PSD in-line and in real time.

The Eyecon’s results are comparable to the results generated by the industry standard bench-top measurement techniques of sieve analysis and laser diffraction. However, unlike its bench-top counterparts, the Eyecon can be used in-line to generate real-time PSD data and therefore can be used to monitor and control coffee production processes.

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