Research Activities

Innopharma Technology research and development activities are dedicated to developing PAT, sensor and advanced manufacturing platforms that provide greater process understanding and insight and enable the implementation of advanced manufacturing control to powder and solids processes.

Innopharma R&D activities consists of in-house development and partnerships with industrial partners and leading applied research institutions to identify and resolve a specific defined process related needs using a clear and precise scientific approach.

As Innopharma invests in new technologies and science-based solutions for manufacturing problems, we also invest in our people, so they can grow and develop the skills necessary to help us overcome the barriers that solid state manufacturing industries are currently facing and will face in the future.

Our strategy has enabled Innopharma to successfully launch products such as smartFBx, Eyecon™, Eyecon2™, Multieye™ and Multieye2™ and develop a strong pipeline of technologies to commercialise in the coming years.

Innopharma Technology collaborate with many Industrial partners and customers on projects ranging from sensor process equipment hardware interface development and software integration, to new sensor development and advanced manufacturing implementation. Many of these projects are subject to confidentiality.

A summary of collaborative part public funded research projects includes: 

Research to develop and commercialise the world’s first Self-Guided Fluidised Bed Granulation Solution targeted at the pharmaceutical, food, nutritional and cosmetics industries. 


OPTICLEAN aims to produce an effective and reliable optical system for cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical industry.



PURE-FORMULA aims to develop a novel Process Analytical Technology capable of providing spatial measurements of moisture and ingredient identity from the forming PIF agglomerates.



PARTICLE-PRO aims to develop a system that is a hybrid of imaging-based physical characterization and NIR-Chemical Imaging technologies. Particles and granules play a key role in process efficacy and final product quality for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, nutritionals and cosmetics.



CRYSTAL-VIS aims to develop a revolutionary imaging-based physical characterisation device that will provide the API industry with real-time information of all crystal physical characteristics in-line in a crystallisation process, thereby allowing this critical of processes for the behaviour of the end-product to be controlled.

Innopharma  is also an active member of, the Synthesis and Solid state Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC) and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC) in Ireland and the Engineering Research Centres (ERC) Centre for Structured Organic Particulates Systems (CSOPS) in the US.  Researchers from these centres collaborate with industry to identify critical research challenges.  Their aim is to deliver relevant solutions that address the manufacturing needs of the industry partners.  Innopharma is instrumental in supporting these research activities with existing analytical technologies and the ongoing development of further innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry’s problems.