Career Opportunities

Developing and Enhancing your Skills and Expertise

Innopharma College of Applied Sciences programmes is designed with your career in mind. Innopharma's goal is to produce graduates of the highest calibre, which will be highly employable within the Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology Industries and in demand by industry to fill senior/middle management roles.   As a result of students’ success in our programmes, our graduates have been in high demand by industry, with many organisations and recruitment agencies contacting Innopharma directly looking for graduates to fill open roles. Innopharma also employs a dedicated Industry Liaison Team who is in constant contact with industry and recruiters promoting both current and past students.

Fostering the Right Career Move for You

From the initial enquiry right through to the participant graduating from Innopharma College of Applied Sciences programmes, all are designed to support the progression of your career. Everyone participates in interview workshops to help determine the best strategy for them – be it to assist you in moving your career to the next level or helping your return to work. These workshops with career coaches identify and build on student core competencies, and transferable skills and help identify and target the most suitable career roles within the industry for you.

Career Development with You in Mind

An integral part of all programmes run at Innopharma College of Applied Sciences is the dedicated modules in Career Development, guided by professional business coaches. All students complete a work preparation module. This module coaches all participants on how to complete general and tailored CVs/Résumés, develop networks to source job opportunities in Ireland and internationally and complete mock interviews based on actual roles for which you are applying or for which you would likely apply.  This process allows each individual to develop a career strategy for themselves. An integral component of Innopharma’s programmes is to develop the confidence and assertiveness of the individual to seek out roles through their expanded network and direct targeting of companies to promote their competencies. This model has achieved excellent results in steering such candidates towards their ideal career goals.

Students are guided in further developing their networks through the use of the Innopharma’s social media networks, attendance at networking events (organised by Innopharma) and attendance at other relevant career or networking events in Ireland. Innopharma collaborates with many of the leading recruitment agencies in Ireland that service the industry, to identify career opportunities for you within the industry.

Employment opportunities…
…within the Pharmaceutical Industry in Ireland
• 19 of the world’s top 20 pharma companies are based in Ireland
• In excess of 50,000 skilled professionals are working in this sector
• 5 out of 8 of the world’s top-selling drugs are produced in Ireland
• World’s largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals and globally recognised centre of excellence in pharma

Pharmaceutical Roles/Careers
Product and Process Development, Engineering, Automation, Validation, Process Analytical Technology, Production Technician/Operators, Maintenance Support, Quality Assurance Analyst, Quality Control, Bio-Pharma, Packaging, Project Engineering, Lab Technicians, Process Technicians, Support Services.

…within the Medical Device Industry in Ireland
• 15 of the world's top 25 Medical Device Companies have strategic locations in Ireland
• Europe’s leading location for development manufacture of medical technologies – globally recognised centre of excellence
• Exports of €7.2bn representing 8% of Ireland’s total merchandise exports
• 250 companies involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing a diverse range of products and services
• Employing 25,000 people - the highest number of people per head of population working in the industry within Europe

Medical Device Roles/Careers:
Product Design and Development, Injection Moulding, Continuous Improvement, Equipment Maintenance Technician, Quality Control/Assurance, Packaging, Project Engineering, Validation Engineering, Manufacturing Technicians, Automation/Robotic/Vision Systems, Software Development, Support Services

…within the Food Industry in Ireland

• Irish food and drink exports approaching €10 bn
• The agri-food industry accounts 8% of Irish GDP
• Over 50,000 people directly employed in Food and Beverage processing industries
• 86,000 employed in primary production, agriculture, forestry and fishing

Roles/Careers with the Food Industry
Quality Roles - support roles, Manufacturing Roles – Manufacturing Operator/Technicians, Maintenance/Utility Roles – Maintenance Technician, Utilities Technician, Regulatory Affairs Roles - Documentation Administrator, Supply Chain Roles – Warehouse Operatives, Stock Control, Planning and Logistics Administrator