3D Particle Characteriser

 Eyecon™ is a non-invasive, real-time 3D particle characteriser capable of giving live particle size and shape information. It supports reduction of lead times and increases process understanding, and subsequently control for

in granulation, milling, and spheronisation processes.


The Eyecon™ 3D particle characteriser was developed specifically for pharmaceutical processes. It generates on screen images, particle size and shape information. Unique instrument features include:


Technical Specification

Particle Size: 50 - 3000 μm
Image Area: 9 x 6.5 mm
Pixel Size: 6μm
Maximum Particle Speed: 10 m/s
Measurement Time: 2 seconds
Dimensions: 350 x 200 x 180mm (with stage)
CE and EX rated  

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Client testimonials

Real-time monitoring of granule size during a continuous wet granulation process provided valuable morphological information as well the ability to track granule size change over time in response to variation in process and formulation parameters, which shows promise in using it for process control.

Dr. Arwa El Hagrasy, Purdue University

Client testimonials

The eyecon™ 3D particle characteriser has really helped us understand our process at a new level. The ability to acquire images and size distribution data of our spheroids in real-time is a significant improvement for this process. The savings we realized are significant and tangible

James Burke, Director for Manufacturing at Alkermes Pharmaceuticals

Client testimonials

The Eyemap is a powerful tool for the fast detection, identification and quantification of trace quantities of pharmaceutical compounds.

Dr Carl Sullivan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Client testimonials

The eyecon™ is very fast, easy to use and amount of sample material needed to measurement is rather small. The eyecon™ can provide a very powerful tool for on-line particle measurements.

Tuomas Ervasti , School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

Client testimonials

Through our research with the Eyecon 3D particle characteriser, we demonstrated linearity and good correlations with sieve analysis.

Top 10 US Academic Institution

Client testimonials

The Eyemap™ is a rapid and easy to use instrument for the analysis of pharmaceutical compounds. In addition to identification and quantification it provides spatial information and hence can be employed to measure key issues such as the distribution of APIs and excipients in capsules and tablets.

Dr Laura Alvarezjubete, Dublin Institute of Technology

Client testimonials

We prefer investing time interpreting data, not generating it!

Professor Gavin Walker, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Queen's University Belfast

Client testimonials

It is not just a particle size analyser, it provides shape information and images too.

Dr Chirangano Mangwandi, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Queens University Belfast

Client testimonials

It is not the quantity of data produced by the Eyecon (which is significant!), but the quality of that data that has lead us to informed decision making

Emma McCartney, Research Student, Queens University Belfast

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